This section is for our customers peak seeds photos. Take pictures and send them to us so we can share your grow journal with the world. We can credit your name or post them here anonomously, just let us know which you prefer.

Anyone can take a great cannabis bud shots with a few tips

With smartphone having great camera’s, you don’t have to be an expert photographer to take amazing cannabis bud shots. A few basic tips are good to go over though.

The most important is keeping your hands steady so you don’t end up a blurry photo, you’ll also want to make sure the light is coming from infront of the plant and not from behind.

Next, make sure you focus your smart phone’s camera. All you need to do is frame your shot then click on your screen where you want the bud to be in focus. Take the shot and you’ve got a good looking marijuana plant photo.

If you want to go above and beyond you can put a solid color background behind your plant. White and black back drops are only recommended for best results. If you’re taking pictures of an outdoor grow, be sure the sun is in front of the plant and not shinning from behind.

Take bud shots like a pro

If you have macros setting on your smartphone you can use it to get great Peak Seeds photos close up shots of the glissening trichomes. This time you’re really gonna need to keep that camera steady, even if it has stability software, your going to want to use a tripod or hod it against a solid surface to keep it from moving.

You may want to try changing up the background from white to black and adjust you lighting from in front to the sides. Macros photoshoots need lots of shots to get the perfect one, so be patient and delete the bad photo’s off your phone so you keep your photo’s organized. You don’t want to take up too much space.